The To-Do List – Revisited

February 10, 2012

It’s 7.46am and I have 5 hours left in Innsbruck. My time has finally come to an end. I am absolutely devastated and it hasn’t quite hit me yet. When I first left for Innsbruck I was really skeptical and nervous, I didn’t want to leave home and the idea of living in a foreign speaking country for 5 months scared the hell out of me. But now, I am a completely different person. I am so much more independent, so much stronger, and have a new found sense of confidence. I am hoping to bring these to the table in Russia as well, instead of the nervous, reclusive person I once was.


So, as promised, I said that I would revisit the to-do list the day I left. Here goes.

1. Finish my project by the end of January and get a 1st/high 2.1 in it.

*skips over this one like I haven’t seen it…*

2. Seriously improve my spoken German.

If I could have a semi wobbly line to cross this out, then I would. My spoken German is my worst flaw and I often find myself in a fluttery mess when it comes to speaking. I personally didn’t feel like I’d improve much, but my family and people at Frisbee say I have, and I had a few major breakthroughs this week with my spoken German. So I’m going to say that I did do this, but I still want to improve.

3.  Make the most of this Christmas with family and friends.

I barely stayed home for the majority of Christmas because I was SOOOO busy seeing everyone! I had a brilliant time at home for the Christmas period, and I really enjoyed going to Birmingham and Ultimate Resolution, as well as visiting my best friends. So this definitely happened. Time to do it again this week!

4. Be Happier

This is my proud achievement so far. I was SO grumpy and SO miserable in the last months of 2011, but 2012 has been brilliant. I have not had one day where I’ve thought “I just wanna go home, I hate Austria.” and overall I have been really positive and outgoing. Life is so much better and I think that is due to the fact that I am not 100% clued in with whats going on in England. This will end up happening in Russia because of the 4 hour time difference, but going out constantly and not being stuck to my computer 24/7 has really helped. May this continue through to Russia. 🙂

5. Finish at the checkout faster than the cashier.

THIS. HAPPENED. It actually happened just before Christmas when I bought copious amounts of Fritt for Jake. I stuffed it all in my bag before she charged me and I definitely did a little fist pump when I left..

6. Take on more of a handler role at Frisbee.

Hmm, this kind of happened but once again Flying Circus tend to have set handlers and I didn’t want to break the mould. Maybe I’ll try in Russia.

7. Do ALL the ski slopes that are valid on my Freizeit card AT LEAST once.

As I said in November, I knew this one was slightly optimistic. Never the less, I used my Freizeit card to my full advantage, and went to the majority of the slopes that were available to me. My best boarding days were easily in Seefeld, St Anton and Axamer Lizum. If I come back in the Winter then I will definitely be hitting these up again. 🙂

8. Get better at Ice Skating.

After I wrote this, I did not go Ice Skating once. Whoops.

9. Be sick at Snowboarding. (well, maybe not SICK.)

In comparison to the stumbling mess I was at the beginning of the Ski Season and to what I am now, I have improved VASTLY. I can now turn with ease and not fall over, I can go down reds, I did go down a black :O and I have gathered speed. I’m not as fast as the best skiiers, but I don’t think I’d be left being anymore. This makes me feel good 🙂

10. Visit a few more people.

Whoops. In fact more people visited ME instead of seeing them! I had Phil and Aimee to stay and it was lovely to see them 🙂 Plus I think they enjoyed the amazing scenery and landscape of Innsbruck!

11. Possibly not murder the youngest child.

I don’t think we’ve left on good terms. He threw a massive hissy fit last night when we were playing cards. And he’s still an annoying little brat. Would be interesting to meet him when he’s my age though. Then he might have grown up a bit..

12. Send some Christmas postcards!

God damn it..

13. Prepare for Russia…

I suppose I’ve prepared the best I can. I have actually done some revision and I’ve sorted out accommodation and a frisbee team, so it’s not all that bad! Getting my visa this week. 8 days to go! EEEP!


14. Make a few important life decisions.

People here keep asking me what I want to be when I’m older. They’re so shocked that I am studying 3 languages that they all say that the world is my oyster. And I’ve been thinking. I know I don’t want to be a teacher, and I don’t want to go into tourism. I’m still hooked on the idea of being a journalist. And I still want to do the Master course in Holland. The more I think about it, the more I want it. So I think I have semi made a decision about what I should do after Uni. I’ve still got two years to go though, so anything can happen.


So I completed 7/14 things. I did half! Whoops. I thought I might have achieved more..


So, this is it Innsbruck. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I am leaving on a massive high. I love you so much and I’m going to miss you and everyone I have met here. Auf Wiedersehen. x


Till next time (probably in Russia!)

Sarah xo


One Response to “The To-Do List – Revisited”

  1. Imogen said

    Funny you should say you want to be a journalist….that’s exactly what I was thinking while reading your blogs! Or maybe a travel writer….? Hope you’re still enjoying St.Petersburg loads 😀

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