The Traditional New Year Blog

January 2, 2012

It’s the 2nd of January, 2012, and I’m currently sat in bed thinking about this blog. Every year, I write about my year somewhere on the Internet and summarise my life in 12 months. This year is going to be so difficult to sum up. Mainly because a LOT has happened, it mainly happened in late 2011, and I have a  memory of a fish. Thank God for the Facebook timeline, now I can super Facebook  stalk myself and hopefully be able to pad out the earlier months.

So here we go. Take a deep breath. Here is my 2011. (In hopefully less than 2000 words.)

January 2011

Not gunna lie, without Facebook, this month would probably be a massive … because I really can’t remember much. I had spent New Year’s with my family Skiing in Italy, and as per usual, I had a blast. We normally spend New Year’s together, so it was nice to have a massive billion course meal and then dress up for Skiing the next day. Another thing that happened in January was exams. I spent a LOT of time in Western Bank (and I’m not just saying this just because I know my Dad will read this and I want him to think I worked, I REALLY DID.) and spent a long part of January writing essays and revising for my exams. Unfortunately I didn’t do as well as I hoped, and I was incredibly disappointed for the amount of work I put in.

*checks Facebook timeline* – Yes, this confirms everything. There’s a LOT of statuses about exams, revision, and how much I want to blow my head off. And I seemed to take a lot of pictures of myself. Sigh. I now understand how I annoying I was (and probably am), back then.

HA! Facebook also reminded me of York Indoors when I drove Dante and Dave Ray round and round York looking for a Burger King and then our Sat Nav taking us to a Burger King which was actually a field. Ha. :’)

Song of the Month: Only One Listening – Martin Grech. A sombre, mellow song, but still  a massive personal favourite. Check it out.

February 2011

The main thing about this month was the end of the indoor Frisbee season, which was Mix and Mingle. I played for Naughty Strawberries, the alumni team for Sheffield, which at first I think a few people were weary about. I’d only been playing for just over a year at this point, and I did have a habit of dropping things and making silly decisions. But I decided that I wanted to go out of the season with a bang and played my heart out. And coincidentally, I did play really really well. The tournament itself was really good fun, and the party after was also fantastic, with Dante, Ami and I dressing up as Kiss.

I’m also pretty sure there were a lot of nights out and me making a few stupid decisions. And starting new modules on my course. So essentially, a bit of a boring month.

What Facebook says: Nothing, because it’s just jammed on me. Stupid technology.

Oh no, Facebook also confirms I didn’t have much of a life in February. Sigh. This blog is nowhere near as exciting as I hoped. Maybe I’ll have to start posting cute videos of kittens to pad this out a little.

Song of the Month: Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000. An oldie.

March 2011

Once again, this is also major hazy. I remember going to see Does it Offend You, Yeah? in Leadmill and absolutely LOVING it. It was a tiny gig in a small venue and everyone was absolutely pumped. This was also the same day as results day, and I remember being severely disappointed. Another memory (or not such a clear memory) in March was our house’s impromptu visit to Monday Corp. I remember this being one of the best nights out of the year, just because it was so random and we were all having an absolute blast. Plus I took my camera out and the photos were just hideous. Brilliant.

What Facebook says: “I’m not even gunna bother loading for you because you know nothing happened so why are you even checking?”

Thanks Facebook.

Song of the Month: Wrestler (This is the Dance) – Does it Offend You, Yeah?

This song is still my alarm, (much to a few peoples dislike), SUCH a tune. Proper gets me excited for a night out.

April 2011

This is definitely where things start to pick up. Quite a lot happened this month. First of, was the Sauerkraut Cup, the football league for all Universities that study German. Sheffield went with high hopes, entering 4 teams. My team, which was mainly 2nd years, was actually a very good team individually, but unfortunately, we couldn’t pull it together as a team, and we were booted out fairly early in the competition. Luckily, other Sheffield teams were a lot better than us, and the final ended up being Sheffield v Sheffield. So we won the tournament and came back to Sheffield on a massive high. The party was also brilliant, although there seemed to be a bit of controversy which still hasn’t been solved today. As well as Sauerkraut, it was my second year of going on Tour to Rimini with Phat ‘Eds. We headed out on our 30 hour coach trip, (of which I slept for 3 hours, sigh) and turned up to find out that we only had one other opponent, Bath University. Although this was disappointing, we managed to play a lot of Frisbee, and had a massive blast with them. The parties were also ridiculous, with a LOT of gossip, stories, and nicknames being brought  back with us to England. Tour once again was brilliant, but in a completely different fashion to the year before. I am 100% devastated that I can’t go this year, but I hope that it is still as good for those who do go.

What Facebook says: There are a LOT of photos from Tour. None of them complimentary. Best photo: Me and Dante dressed as Pikachu and Dennis the Menace. What a night.

Song of the Month: Shellshock – Noisia. The tune used to dub the Rimini video, beautifully edited by Gavin May.

May 2011

This was a month filled with exams and Frisbee. We played Mixed Outdoor Nationals, which was just awful, due to horrendous weather and matches getting cancelled meaning that we couldn’t get Plate. Mixed Tour also happened around May time. Exams mainly took up my life, so this is going to be a stupidly short entry.

What Facebook says: “Kill me, I haz exams.”

Song of the Month: None Shall Pass – Aesop Rock. Fab tune.

June 2011

June, and exams had finished and I finally hit the dizzying heights of 20. Once again, I played a lot of Frisbee, including Open Tour and Durham Hat. This was my first hat tournament, and the first tournament that was actually within 30 minutes from home! I played with Forest Green, and met some brilliant Frisbee players along the way. Once again, I am gutted that I can’t go this year, but hopefully I will be able to play with some of those people again, because I had a blast. Turning 20 wasn’t very exciting either. I can’t even remember what I did to celebrate. All in all, June was an incredibly relaxing month.

What Facebook says: I got STUPIDLY sunburnt at Open Tour, but not as badly as Dante. LOL.

Song of the Month: Wash – Bon Iver

July 2011

Once again, July was a relaxing month, but July was when I really started to get into my use of Twitter. I “met” a few people online, who have been incredibly supportive throughout the year, and was enjoying talking to new people and making some friends. Once again, I played even MORE Frisbee, and started to plan for my Year Abroad. I also set off for Bulgaria and Greece, which was an absolutely brilliant holiday. I think I spent a lot of July daydreaming, being quietly satisfied with myself.

What Facebook says: I started my blog this month! And I did nothing but watching TV and tweet people. Nice.

Song of the Month: Bats in the Attic – King Cresote and Jon Hopkins. This isn’t my song of the month, it’s my song of the year. It does remind me of someone, but everytime I listen to it, I just can’t help but smile.

August 2011

After ending my holiday, I flew back to London to see Justin and Jake. I was treated to Legoland, tours of London, and a lot of food and drink. I also went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival to watch my sister’s play, and also saw Max, an old friend who I have known for years, do his play called Sodom. My eyes might have been slightly scarred, but Edinburgh was once again brilliant. I spent a lot of time travelling between London and home, and also visited a lot of friends before heading off to Leeds Festival. I decided to go as a volunteer and it was absolutely brilliant. I had fun dishing out teas and coffee, and managed to see all the bands I wanted to see. I also met a lot of brilliant people who made the stewarding experience way more bearable!

In summary, August was my best month of the year. I only have good memories of the Summer holidays.

What Facebook says: “HELP. I’M GOING AWAY SOON.”

Song of the Month: One Day like This – Elbow. They were brilliant at Leeds.

September 2011

September was well documented in my blog, so here is just a summary. London, Sheffield Hat, the best weekend EVER, leaving for Innsbruck, not finding anywhere to live, Oktoberfest, saying goodbye to everyone, and saying ta-ra to England.

What Facebook says: I have nowhere to live, and other Year Abroad moans.

Song of the Month: Free – Twin Atlantic

October 2011

October was when I started to settle into Innsbruck, and started to find my feet. I played Frisbee with Flying Circus, and came back to England to surprise my friends in Sheffield for Sheffield Beginners. Teaching also started this month. Unfortunately.

(You can sense these getting shorter and shorter.. I did write a lot in October, maybe you should read back if you want to know more. And I’m starting to get tired..)

What Facebook says: All the quips about teaching, and the stupid things my teachers did/said. Win.

Song of the Month: This Sweet Love – James Yuill.

November 2011

November was easily the worst month of the year, because I was absolutely miserable. I felt like I’d fallen out with the family I was staying with, I had really bad homesickness, I was really missing my friends, and I just felt like I was being ignored by my “friends” at home. This meant I spent a lot of time in my home, alone, overthinking everything, tweet a lot of emo stuff, and feeling awful. I wish I’d done things differently, but in summary, November was rubbish, and it was all my fault.

What Facebook says: Can’t be bothered to look but I know I spent more time on Twitter than Facebook, and i’d like to apologise to anyone who follows me for my excessive emo tweeting. Sorry.

Song of the Month: Goodbye Lenin! – Yann Tiersen.

December 2011

December improved tenfold after I decided to forget about home. As much as I love my friends, knowing what they did every two seconds really didn’t help me move on from England and enjoy my time in Austria. I started to get on with the family a lot better, and I spent more time having fun with the assistants in Innsbruck. I also spent a lot of time Snowboarding, and then set off home for England. In the past week, I have had an absolute blast. It has been none stop and I have enjoyed every second of being home. Ultimate Resolution was unbelievable and I have never had such a good new year. Christmas with the family was fab. December was fab.

What Facebook says: “ME PLANES BEEN CANCELLED.” And other travelling dramas.

Song of the Month: Signs – Bloc Party.

And now, it’s January. I have another week in England, which is starting to fill up with plans very quickly. 2011 had it’s ups and downs but I met some amazing people along the way. I am really looking forward to starting the next chapter of my Year Abroad, Russia, and I can’t wait to start 4th year. 🙂

My Resolutions for 2012? Stop biting my nails. And be more positive.

If you have read this all the way through, then thank you. Thank you for making this year even better than I thought it could ever be.

Eep. Word count slightly over 2000 words. Sorry.

I wish you all a happy new year.

With love.

Sarah xo


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  1. larainbow said

    I just read every word of this, and it was brilliant.

    Anyway, congrats on a super 2011, silly Saz. 😉 You done good, innit.

    And 2012 will be even better – who knows, you might even meet me some day?! Haha… lovely blog post. 🙂

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